2 thoughts on “National Feral Cat Day celebration!

  1. Although I can’t make it to your event, thank you for the invitation and I’m very happy to know your organization and the work that you do is so successful. I feel I owe a great deal to Jayne who helped me last year with all the cats I take care of, even though I live in Bosque Farms. I have included a small donation ( and since I feed over 40 cats, I realize a couple of hundred dollars doesn’t go far) with my many thanks to all of you.


  2. I attended last year’s National Feral Cat Day Celebration and it was wonderful! The turnout was incredible – everyone just kept coming! The food and drink, the t-shirt offerings, the silent auction – everything was really special. I believe the huge turnout was all to especially honor Jayne and Rose for their dedication 24/7, all year long, to helping feral cats in and around our community, and also to say thanks to their tremendous volunteers. Jayne’s leadership of StreetCatHub has made it the amazing success it is today. Thanks! Kristin Thompson


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