Street Cat Hub works closely with the city of Albuquerque and its animal shelter. Since feral cats cannot be adopted, our goal is to keep them out of the shelter system. When cats are brought to the shelter that are either feral or offspring of feral moms, Street Cat Hub works to identify areas of the city that need trapping to prevent future intake of cats by the shelter.

PACA is a strong partner for the trap, neuter & return of feral cats in and around Albuquerque. They concentrate much of their work in the northeast quadrant of the city. The organization however, is not bound by jurisdiction constraints and provides assistance whenever possible.

Rescue homeless dogs and cats and provide temporary quality care for them in foster homes until permanent adoptive homes can be found

A leader in the no-kill movement, Best Friends runs the largest sanctuary for homeless pets and is one of the nation’s largest animal rescue organizations.

To transform and develop communities to protect and improve the lives of cats.