Street Cat Hub provides a variety of services, depending on the jurisdiction. Regardless of jurisdiction, we strive to provide FREE SPAY & NEUTER of free roaming, unowned cats or cats that are rescued from the street, as long as remaining cats are also sterilized. There may be some delay in providing surgeries to cats outside of the city of Albuquerque pending access to funding. When donating, you may specify that you want your donated dollars to be spent on spay & neuter in jurisdictions where we are not funded.

  • Street Cat Hub provides TRAP LOANS for the purpose of trap, neuter and return of cats only.  We recommend that you make arrangements to have enough traps for all the cats and trap the colony as close to its entirety as possible over 2 days and 3 nights. We are prepared to handle both trap loans and surgeries of large numbers of cats.
  • Street Cat Hub provides TRAPPING within city limits. There can be a long wait for this service however, since many factors affect how these jobs are prioritized. We can assist in varying degrees depending on your experience and confidence with the trapping process. When funding is available, we assist in Bernalillo County and attempt to assign volunteers as needed to other jurisdictions.
  • MEDICAL CARE beyond the spay and neuter is funded only through donations. We provide additional care to our Street Cats as we are able, and we strive to maintain the best health possible in our unowned cats. Whenever possible, we ask that caretakers pitch in on the additional expenses incurred.
  • We do not provide adoptions or rehoming of owned cats. When possible, we attempt to place kittens and tame cats into adoption programs. Most of our work, however, is the actual spay and neuter. We can assist with the spay and neuter of kittens, and we require that they be fixed before finding homes and that the mom also be fixed. The ultimate goal of this program is population control, which improves the quality of cats’ lives more than any other action.
We do not relocate cats and rarely recommend it.