Tom’s Story:

Ian and Leann Nesbitt have been married for 7 years. Leann has been sick for the past 15 years of her life, her pain and illness have only worsened each passing year. The past 3 months she has had to be out of the state for medical treatment with Ian going back and forth to visit.
Leann has always loved cats and for her birthday in 2013 Ian took her to see Rose at Street Cat Hub. While meeting the many cats there, one stood out above all the rest.  The soon named Tom Bombadil ran up Ian’s leg and perched himself on his shoulder. It was instant love. Tom has been comforting and cuddling with Leann when she has been feeling sick for almost 5 years now. He is the cuddliest cat and magically turns to liquid in your arms.

Recently,  Tom managed to slip outside. He was tragically lost for 2 whole days and thankfully on the 3rd day Ian heard a faint meow in his backyard. Tom was curled up in a bush, cold, barely able to move, and with blood on his nose and his stomach. Tom hobbled to where Ian could reach and was immediately taken to Street Cat Hub.

Tom had no major injuries except for a broken elbow. It looked at first like amputation was the only option, but Rose at Street Cat Hub was persistent and found a specialist who could perform surgery on his complicated elbow break. The surgery will cost around $4,000. Ian and Leann are unable to pay because the little credit they have left is reserved for Leann’s medical treatments. Leann is sicker than ever and it breaks her heart to see her cuddle buddy unable to use his left front leg. The Nesbitts are thrilled Tom will be able to keep his leg and are so appreciative of any support you can offer. Will you please help fix Tom? Even a dollar will help.

Here are the Gofundme and PayPal links for Tom and his leg:

Here is a video of Tom being lovable and brave despite his broken leg.

Please click here to donate to Tom via Gofundme – Thank You!

Please click here to donate to Tom via PayPal- Thank You!

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Trap Neuter Return Albuquerque new mexico